CNG School Council and Association Annual General Meeting for the 2019-2020 school year.

Calling all Parents of Captain Nichola Goddard School.  Due to the Covid-19 school shut down last spring we were unable to have our Annual General meeting in April like it normally is held.  Please join us Tuesday September 22 at 6:30pm for the AGM of the 2019-2020 school year.  This meeting will be held via Google Meet.  Please sign up here   to register for the meet link to be sent to you.  It is important that you as parents of CNGS Students attend the School Council and Association meeting. It is especially important to attend the Annual General Meeting because at this meeting we present the annual reports (including the financials) and elect the executive for both the Council and the Association.  So please register for the meeting link and join us.  Also, if you are interested in learning more about the different roles that are available with the  Council executive please  All positions are available.  Again register here  for the meeting link.

Thank you from the current and outgoing executive of CNGSC and CNGSPA

Happy New Year!

Happy New year to all the Parents for CNGS!  It is that time again for Another CNG School Council Meeting.  We invite all Parents of Captain Nichola Goddard students out next Tuesday January 21, 2020 to our next School Council Meeting @ 6:30pm.  Come out and hear updated on many important things happening in 2020 at our school.  We will have updated from administration on the upcoming Online Report Cards, the term change and also the Administration will be discussing their ‘best guess’ at next year’s set up and Scheduling.  Looking forward to seeing all the parents out.

School Council and Association Invitation

You are invited to the next CNG School Council and Association next General Meeting.  Ross will be reporting on last year’s School Development Plan, presenting on student achievement and illustrating how it informs this year’s School Development Plan. We will also hear from a group of students leading an initiative to perform a school musical this spring.

The meeting will take place next Tuesday November 26 at 6:30 in the Learning Commons.

CNGSC Meeting Agenda for Nov. 26/2019

CNGSC Unapproved Meeting Minutes from Oct. 22/2019


Incidental Activity-Lunchroom Activity Fee Explanation

Over the last several days some question have been raised by parents about the $30 a year activity/lunch fees that are charged for each student. I have reached out to the administration. As they understand that not all of the grade 7-9s stay at the school every lunch hour and may or may not participate in the clubs or intermurals. However each and every student has the same opportunity to take part in the noon activities so the noon hour fee is charged for each student.

Here is part of what  was explained to me.

“The fees are then used to provide noon activity equipment because we can’t use the PE equipment dedicated to classroom instruction (the amount of loss/damage is significant and we can’t risk being unable to run units because we don’t have enough footballs for example). Equipment for lunch activities has to be purchased for each group so we needed 16 sets of everything for grades 5-6, and 9 sets for grades 7-9. Each set of equipment was approximately $300 (x25=$7500).

We also purchase materials such as the novels for the Rocky Mountain Readers club, we have to replace sets of board games, chess sets, etc on an ongoing basis due to loss of individual pieces. There are costs associated with intramurals, etc. so you can see how the actual costs of lunchtime activities exceed the fees collected.”

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to Ross. He will he happy to talk to you about this matter.


A reminder of the CNG School Council and Parent Association (fundraising) AGM’s.




Learning Commons


All welcome, please come hear all about these parent organizations at your school as well as how you can get involved!  All positions open for election.


For more information, please contact or


See you there!